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This is the site for The ICL Computer Museum.

The ICL Computer Museum has large collections of ICL and related computers, paperwork, software and other items of interest, from the companies that came to make up ICL. These collections have been assembling here at The ICL Computer Museum over the past thirty eight years. All of the items on the site are real and in the Museum collections.

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Please feel free to contact the Museum if you have any questions, or if you would just like a chat about vintage computers.

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Vintage ICL related Computers


Logica VTS2200
Logica VTS2300


Merlin M1800
Merlin M2215
Merlin M4221
Merlin Monarch Mk3

British Telecom Teleprinter








These Computers are from Manufacturers that have supplied ICL or been supplied by ICL with some of the equipment.